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Who is Painted Deer Brewing?

We are a modern farmhouse-inspired microbrewery, looking to start up in the greater Sacramento area by 2021. If you are interested in getting involved, please check out our investment opportunities.

How did Painted Deer get its name?

The brewery owes its name to the owner's Belgian Malinois, Arawn. As a puppy, he earned the nickname "Little Deer" based on his resemblance to a deer with his gangly limbs and fawn coloring. Every time a painting project was started in the house, from painting a bedroom to painting the chicken coop, Arawn somehow managed to "paint" himself. When Tony first had the idea to run his own business, of course the name Painted Deer seemed like the most natural option.

What makes Painted Deer unique?

    Hand-Crafted Beer | Every beer is hand-crafted and hand-selected for flavor and quality.

    Sustainability | We work our hardest to minimize waste and impact to the environment. Much of the waste from the brewing process is re-used or re-purposed.

    Community Connection | Wherever possible, we purchase from locals farms and businesses, and give back to local organizations. Please contact us if your business or organization is interested in a collaboration.



Before his time in California, Tony was born and raised in Merritt Island, Florida. Raised primarily by his mother and grandmother, he early on became interested in cooking and how different flavors of food paired with each other.


Once he graduated high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and honorably served for eight years. During that time, he traveled all over the world, sampling what food and drink the world had to offer, never turning down the opportunity to try something new. 


It was during this time abroad that he became aware just how uniform the smell, taste, and mouthfeel beer had around the world. He felt underwhelmed for the most part, and since that time, has committed himself to do more justice to beer.


As his service was completed, he returned to his first duty station in California and started “his little beer project,” as he called it.


Today, Tony is a long-time resident of Rancho Cordova, living in Sunridge Park with his wife, their three dogs and one cat. He is currently attending Sacramento State to obtain his Bachelors in Accounting and Finance.


It has long been Tony's passion to run his own business. After discovering a love for homebrewing, he decided to share his passion with the community.


When he isn't brewing or spending time with his family, Tony enjoys cooking and gardening. He and his wife have even started their own little suburban "farm," where they grow seasonal vegetables, fruit, and raise chickens.

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